About Us

Fristam Pumps is the leading manufacturer of high-quality pumps and mobile mixing plants for hygienic applications and is operational since 1909. We are also one of the most accessible equipment companies in the world. An international network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and distribution supports Fristam’s commitment to customer satisfaction. We take pride in being one of the very few companies to have the most comprehensive pump range purely in the Hygienic sector which compliances EHEDG and 3A certifications. The worldwide market share of Fristam in hygienic pumps is close to 35%.

Fristam Pumps In India

Fristam Pumps India entered the Indian Market in 1989 with a JV, in 2013 it became a 100% subsidiary of ‘Fristam Pumpen’ GmbH, Hamburg, Germany. Fristam Pumps India produces top-notch hygienic pumps which are used in Dairy, Beverage, Brewery, Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, and Chemical Industries.


We have inaugurated our newest factory with state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly line in the Phase II of Chakan MIDC. With a philosophy of having unparalleled German quality products made in India, the new plant is committed to delivering the Indian market, superior products and after-sales service with large scale manufacturing set up. This expansion certainly symbolizes our new approach towards Indian market and our target for the top spot in the hygienic pump market in India. Fristam has the most comprehensive product range for the hygienic industries, which is already uplifting the many Indian Dairy and food sectors to deliver the most hygienic products through our pumps.

Fristam's Centrifugal Pump Sizing Program : www.fristampumps-configurator.com

Our Products

  • Centrifugal Pump
  • Liquid Ring – Self Priming Pumps
  • Mag-Drive Pumps
  • Rotary Lobe Pumps
  • Double Screw Pumps
  • Shear Pumps
  • Powder Mixers

Centrifugal Pump

  • Fristam FP Centrifugal Pump
  • Fristam FPH Centrifugal Pump
  • Fristam FM Multistage Centrifugal Pump


Tried and tested a thousand times in the most varied applications throughout the hygienic process industry.
All 14 models of the FP series can be used universally, ensuring gentle product handling. They are robust, low-maintenance, durable and economical.


Fristam FP pumps are designed with open impellers as well as with narrow gaps between the impellers and the cover. Combined with the flow-optimised pumping channel, these ensure minimal secondary flow, very gentle product handling even at high volumetric flows, and energy-saving operation. The FPs’ design makes them ideal for hygienic applications. The pumped medium may be homogenous or contain air, gases or suspended solids.


  • 14 different sizes
  • System pressures up to 25 bar
  • Discharge pressures up to 15 bar
  • Flow rates up to 550 m3/h
  • Viscosities up to 800 mPa.s

Liquid Ring – Self Priming Pumps

  • Fristam FZ Centrifugal Pump
  • Fristam FPC Centrifugal Pump


A reversible, self-priming pump that offers exceptional precision for the complete evacuation of tanks and lines. The FZ is characterised by its impressive perform-ance when pumping highly viscous products.
It is ideal for CIP return applications and is the optimum solution whenever high suction capacity is required.


Fristam’s self-priming FZ pumps operate according to the side-channel principle. Impellers with radial blades in conjunction with hydrodynamically optimised side channels transmit the pressure energy to the product. The stable impeller and narrow sealing gaps ensure an outstanding suction capacity. The FZ’s symmetric design allows for a reversal of the rotating direction.


  • 6 different sizes
  • System pressures up to 15 bar
  • Discharge pressures up to 7 bar
  • Flow rates up to 80 m3/h
  • Viscosities up to 5,000 mPa.s

Mag-Drive Pumps

  • Fristam FPM / FSM Magnetically Coupled Centrifugal Pump / Shearpump


Specifically suited for transferring toxic, dangerous and WHC goods. These magnetically coupled pumps are designed for applications with special safety requirements. The open impeller is connected to the driving unit via a magnetic coupling that is contact-free. The product space is hermetically sealed from the environment by a separating can.
The Fristam FSM is available as a shear pump featuring a combination of rotor and stator that produces homogenized multiphase products of supreme quality.


The pump’s power is transmitted from the drive shaft contact-free via the magnetic coupling. This ensures that the pump’s speed always corresponds to the drive speed. Thanks to the special bearings of the magnetic coupling’s internal rotor, only the drive speed is transmitted to the drive shaft, avoiding any undesirable forces.


  • No mechanical seal; no need for a locking or supply system
  • Hermetic sealing between product and atmosphere
  • For transferring toxic, dangerous and WHC goods

Rotary Lobe Pumps

  • Fristam FL/FL3-Positive Displacement Pumps
  • Fristam FK-Positive Displacement Pumps
  • Fristam FKL-Positive Displacement Pumps


The FL is universally suitable for many standard applications. It is hygienic, gentle, low-maintenance, durable, and economical.
The Fristam FL3 features unique helical three-winged rotors and is specifically designed for revolution speeds of up to 1,000 min–1 as well as for CIP return processes. This saves you an additional pump in a bypass line.
All models are compact, very easy to clean as well as fully capable of CIP and SIP.


All of the FL series’ pumps have a state-of-the-art system of low-slip lobes rotating free of contact in opposite directions, thus ensuring high efficiency even with low viscosities or at high temperatures. The FL’s symmetric design allows for a reversal of the rotating direction, enabling the pump to transport materials in both directions.


  • 11 different sizes
  • Discharge pressures up to 12 bar
  • Flow rates up to 70 m3/h
  • Viscosities up to 1,000,000 mPa.s

Double Screw Pumps

  • Fristam FDS - Double Screw Pump
  • Fristam FDS-TSG Double Screw Pump


When developing this exceptional pump, we intended to set new standards in double-screw technology. We started by rethinking functional principles from the ground up and eliminated previously known deficiencies typically associated with this type of technology. We refined the design until key aspects such as smooth running, temperature stability, maintenance and repair were perfected. Consequently, Fristam are now able to offer you this unique product which has been refined down to the most minute detail.


The Fristam FDS combines all the advantages of double-screw technology with our company’s traditionally high-quality standards. This positive displacement pump is ideal for the most viscous products whilst also being capable of reaching higher speeds of up to 3,600 min–1. Consequently, it can transport significant amounts of any low-viscosity medium, for example, water or detergent solution. This renders the use of an additional pump for cleaning processes obsolete. The Fristam FDS can handle extreme viscosities and easily copes with high differential pressures without overheating.


  • For high and low viscosities
  • Incredible pressure and suction
  • For production and CIP
  • Maximum hygiene including aseptic
  • Maximum application flexibility
  • Easy maintenance and repair

Shear Pumps

  • Fristam FSPE

Fristam FSPE

Fristam’s shear pump is specifically designed for producing dispersions and emulsions with maximum efficiency.
It achieves incomparably homogenous products while reducing raw material input and shortening processing times considerably. The FSP’s three-dimensional shearing process continuously produces perfect blends of consistent quality.
All models are extremely hygienic and efficient, very robust, and exceptionally economical.


Fristam shear pumps were developed based on our proven centrifugal pumps of the FP series. In place of their impeller, a rotor-and-stator system draws inhomogeneous products through shearing clearances of just 0.3 mm at tip speeds of up to 38 m/s. As a result of extremely high flow rates in the rotor-and-stator system, and the high shear rates of up to 125,000 1/s, multiphase products are blended with supreme efficiency.


  • 5 different sizes
  • Impeller Ø 130 to 250 mm
  • Shear rates up to 125,000 1/s
  • Revolution speed up to 5,800 rpm
  • Viscosities up to 100,000 mPa.s

Powder Mixers

  • Fristam PM / PMV Powder Mixer
  • Fristam PL Powder Dissolver
  • Fristam PE Powder intake


The solution to almost any problem when mixing powders and liquids.
Fristam Powder Mixers are specifically designed for dissolving, emulsifying, and homogenizing dry and wet ingredients into fluids.
They achieve perfect, homogeneous, and smooth textures, which are hygienic, extremely efficient, and economical. They are also fully capable of CIP and SIP.


Supported by a base frame, a self-priming centrifugal Fristam FZ pump (series PM) or a Fristam FL3 positive displacement pump (series PMV) is connected to a Fristam shear pump. From a funnel, the powder is drawn directly into the fluid product stream and then homogenized. An ergonomically designed table facilitates manual powder feeding. If equipped with specific control systems, the powder mixers can be integrated into fully automated systems. We also supply adapters for fully or semi-automatic feeding via big bags, crew converters, and other conveyor systems.


  • 5 different sizes of the PM series
  • 3 different sizes of the PMV series
  • Powder intake up to 10 t/h


What makes us stand out from the crowd

Throughout the world Fristam is recognized as a manufacturer of stainless-steel pumps of the highest quality. Adhering to the strictest standards, we develop completely reliable solutions, perfectly adapted to your specific applications – made to measure and specifically tailored to your system. Our pumps are the first choice for transporting all kinds of products in numerous industrial processes in the food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In order to offer you innovative solutions, we significantly invest in the research and development of forward-looking technologies.

Fastidious Roots

Fastidious Roots

Established in 1909, we have a rich history of over 111 years



With EHEDG compliance & 3A certifications, hygiene is in our genes

Superior Quality

Superior Quality

German Engineering, need we say more?

Singular Expertise

Singular Expertise

With perfectly customized construction and installation of each pump